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CrossFit is, at its core, a strength and conditioning program for anyone looking to significantly improve their overall level of fitness and health.

Here at PBCF (Portland Beach CrossFit) we advocate a constantly changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and classic weight lifting in 1 hour-long sessions. A normal class at our ‘box’ (community lingo for gym) typically include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching.

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WOD for 22/03/2018

22/03/2018 PB CrossFit Thursday's WOD
SHOULDER warm-up and mob
3 Rounds of

10 Hindu Pushups
10 Dips
10 Shoulder press
10 Back ext

Then 2 lengths of...
Samson stretch
Spiderman Walks

Shoulder Mob & Stabilization.
Scap retractions. Hang, Push-up and HSPUs
Metcon (No Measure)
Working in groups of 3 complete 5 rounds of...

10 Floor press 70/50
20 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall Ball Shots 9/6
Take your time work on good form. Speed in this WOD is not te focus.


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